Taronga Zoo

Today I visited the Taronga Zoo, which is one of my favorite zoos around the world.

I am tired out after walking more than 10 miles today, so I will mainly just share some pictures.

Taronga Zoo, Sydney Zoo, Australia, Giraffes, Sydney SkylineOne of the first animals I saw at the zoo were the giraffes. I like this picture as it shows two tall animals with tall buildings in the background.

The Taronga Zoo in Sydney is definitely a Zoo with a View.

chimpanzee family, Chimps, Zoo, Taronga Zoo, AustraliaHere is a nice family grouping of chimpanzees. I really like the expressions on the faces, and make me think of certain people.

Platypus, Taronga Zoo, Where's PerryThis picture is not very good, but it is hard to take pictures in the dark of quickly moving animals. Here is an animal that you will not find in a zoo outside of Australia. The platypus is very difficult to keep alive in captivity.

You may also like my post: Where’s Perry?

Little Penguins, Eudyptula minor, australian Penguin

Here are some little penguins. Yes, they are little, but that is also their name. The Eudyptula minor are also known as fairy penguins or little blue penguins. They also known as kororā in New Zealand.

They are the smallest species of penguins and are only about a foot tall.

Don’t they look so cute?

Sea Lion, Perfect Timing, Jumping Seal, Taronga ZooI only saw just a bit of the seal show, but decided that I would try and recreate a picture that I shared in my post Perfect Timing.

I guess that I still have the touch when it comes to timing a picture of jumping sea lions.

You may see more of the pictures from the zoo in future posts. I took a lot of pictures today.

Which of these pictures do you like best?


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