Around the Apartment

On this trip to Australia I am staying in a serviced apartment. The setting around the apartment is really nice. Even though it is on a busy street there is a bit of nature around the building.

Meriton, North Ryde, Australia, Serviced ApartmentMy first view of the apartments was from across the street while walking there from the train station. In this picture you can see that the complex was built on a hill. I am in a studio apartment which is basically a hotel room with a kitchen and laundry facilities.

Australian Creek, Meriton, North Ryde, Macquarie CentreLooking out my apartment window I can see a creek that flows out from under the Macquarie Centre. The creek runs through a tunnel under the centre. I have also walked along the creek on the other side of the centre during previous visits to the area.

The name of the creek is Shrimptons Creek. I have some nice pictures of a Kookaburra that I took when walking along the creek. See: Laughing Kookaburra

Shrimptons Creek, North Ryde, Australia, NatureHere is a view looking the other direction. I really like the reflections and silhouettes in this picture.

Rain Drops, Agapanthus, Flowers, rainy dayThere are also some nice flowers around the complex, including a very nice bed of Agapanthus. I took this picture right after it had been raining. I really like the raindrops on the little flowers that are about ready to open.

Agapanthus, Blooms, Flowers, Lily of the NileHere is another bloom from the bed of agapanthus. These remind me of my own agapanthus. However, mine finished blooming for the year several months ago, and these are just beginning.

There are a lot of agapanthus around, including large beds across the street along the parking for the shopping centre. I alway enjoy seeing agapanthus in bloom.

I hope you enjoyed this little look at the area around my apartment.


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