Rainbow after Sunset

Tonight I saw a very unique rainbow. I don’t think that I have even seen one similar before.

I will share the picture later in the post and start with pictures from a day that brought some very welcome rain to drought stricken California.

Rain, Drought, California, Wed Day, RaindropsI had the day off today and had planned on mowing my yard. I was just ready to go out and mow and it started raining. By no means did it want the rain to go away though. We are in so much need of rain because of the drought here. Instead I went to the library to return books and to pick up one that was on hold for me. Here is what my driveway looked like when I got home. We definitely got some rain.

Old Blue, Pontiac, G6, Raindrops, Rain, DroughtOld Blue got a bit wet during the drive, but no worries as it washed off some of the accumulated dust.

Raindrops on Roses, Rose Petals, Rain drops, Rainy dayOf course with the rain you also get raindrops on rose leaves. Rain beads up a bit different than water from the sprinklers so I always like to check out my roses after a little bit of rain.

If you want to see raindrops on rose blooms check out my post Water Droplets.

Patterson, California, Sunset, Colorful Sky, Cloudy Sunset, SilhouetteAs I got out of my car for Bible study tonight I was greeted with a beautiful sunset in Patterson. The sky was so colorful and looked amazing with the scattered rain clouds.

However, the really interesting sight was behind me.

Rainbow at Sunset, Rainbow, Pink Rainbow, Water Droplets, Rain

I turned around and saw this interesting rainbow. The rainbow was pink and red against the sun reflecting off of the clouds. I am trying to remember if I have seen this before. A rainbow like this will only be seen just after sunset as the light that is reflected from the sun will only have the longer wavelengths of red and orange.

The forecast calls for more scattered showers through the night, so I hope that we get even more rain.

Have you ever seen a pink rainbow?



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8 Responses to Rainbow after Sunset

  1. That is extraordinary! I have only ever seen the standard variety of rainbow.

  2. Darlene and like cruising. The best sunset & sunrise photos for me are taken at sea. I’ll take a shot every minute or so, review them on iPad Mini, delete most, and edit the best.

  3. melody and Fred says:

    The rainbow after sunset was stunning! My husband and I were there to enjoy it with Steve. These photos really captured the beauty!

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