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The Kartoffelhaus

Last week I wrote posts about Restauration Stilbruch and Roter Hirsch another one of my favorite places to eat in Jena, Germany is the Kartoffelhaus N° 1.

Those of you who know a little German may know that kartoffel is potato, so basically the name of the restaurant is the Potato House. In the title of the post I simply referred to it as Kartoffelhaus, but the number one is also part of the name. This is a small chain of restaurants, with at least seven locations.

Bauernfruhstuck, Farm Breakfast, Potato, Eggs, Bacon, Potato omletteThe first time I ate here on my trip I had the Bauernfrüstück, this translates to Farmer’s Breakfast. The dish is a large potato omelette with egg, roasted potatoes, onions and bacon.A very delicious combination.

Leckere Bratkartoffeln, Kartoffelhaus, Jena, Germany, PaintingI thought about focusing on the rustic decor of the restaurant, but I will save that for a future post. What caught my eye while looking at my pictures tonight were several paintings on the wall, ceiling and doors.

The little cartoon above was on the ceiling. Here we have a potato, and egg and an onion together. The words mmm… leckere Bratkartoffeln translate to mmm… delicious roasted potatoes. That they are.

Kartoffelhaus, Jena, Germany, Thuringia, PotatoesThis mural on the wall states that Thüringerland is prime potato land. The potato is a major crop in the area.

The most interesting paintings however are on two doors.

It is often confusing to know which door to choose when you need to go to the bathroom in Germany. The common titles on the bathroom doors are Herren and Damen. If you are not thinking you might see Her and think it is the ladies and men and think it is for the men. You would be wrong 🙂

The Kartoffelhaus has a visual solution.

Womens Bathroom, Damen, Bathroom Door, WCHerren, Bathroom, Door, WC, German Bathroom Signs












Can you figure out which door is which?


A Long Walk in the German Countryside

Today I went for a long walk in the countryside southwest of Jena, Germany.

Read to the end of the post to find out how long my walk was.

Over the years I have been slowly walking all of the Red trail that goes around Jena. After today I only have one portion of the trail left to finish.

Jena A4 Bridge, Jena, Germany, Old Bridge, WanderingI took this picture from the hotel as I left for the walk. You can see the old stone bridge that carries the E40 over the Saale Valley. See Views of Jena II for more pictures of the bridge.

E40 Bride, Jena, Germany, Wanderings, WanderwegAs I took the red trail south from the hotel and turned west I was able to get a picture of the new bridge along with the old bridge.

Half Timber Barn, Maua, Germany, Wanderweg, Long walkA little further along I came to the village of Maua and took this interesting picture of a half timber barn. I really like some of the old architecture in the villages around Jena.

Red Trail, Jena, Germany, Thuringia, Country sideI was soon in the countryside and the trails followed bike and walking paths through the woods and fields. Sometimes there were nice wide paths but mostly they were narrow paths little wider than a single bike or person. I went up and down hill for most of the day.

Posen, Germay, View of Jena, Wandering, Hiking pathsI took this picture shortly after the furthest point west on the trail. In this view you can barely see where I started. The long row of white buildings on the right side of the picture is Lobeda West where the hotel is.

Trail signs, Wanderweg, Jena, Germany, Ammerbach, Leutra, LutherwegHere is an example of the trail signs. The trails are well marked with the red and white blaze on trees, posts or other surfaces along the way. When I took this picture I was five kilometers from Ammerbach which was my final destination on the Red trail. The second sign points back the way that I came and you can see that I am 13.5 kilometers from Maua where I took the picture of the half timber barn.

At the top of the sign you also see arrows with a big ‘L’. These are markers for the Lutherweg which is a network of trails that lead to sites that have a connection to Martin Luther. You can find out more at the Lutherweg website.

So for those who are curios as to how far I walked today. I will now consult my new phone. Today I have 37,000 steps and walked 17 miles. Quite a bit more than yesterday where I only had 25,000 steps and 11 miles.

I hope that you enjoyed the pictures of my long walk in the country.