Almost Spring

It is almost spring with the equinox coming up next Tuesday. You can definitely tell that spring time is almost here in California as the trees blossom and start to leaf out.

spring time, roses, new growth, almost springI took this picture last Saturday, and already my Mr. Lincoln rose bush has a lot more growth on it. I still need to do just a bit of trimming on my rose bushes to get rid of a few crossing canes and also cut out a bit more dead wood.

Big Rose Bush, Floribunda, spring rose growthI did remove some dead wood from this rose bush after I took this picture on Saturday. I am hoping that I at least have some time this coming weekend to do a bit more cleanup. It is supposed to rain all week though, so I am hoping it is not too wet.

rose bush, new growth, spring growth, return of springHere you can see an example of all the new growth which helps highlight where the dead wood is on the bushes.

Tonight I took a few more pictures, but they are still in my camera. There are even small buds on the bushes so I should have nice rose blooms in a few weeks.

Double Rainbow, March Rainbow, Rainy WeatherOne nice thing about the rainy weather this week is that I have been seeing some nice rainbows. I walked into my kitchen on Tuesday morning and saw this rainbow out the window. I had to grab my camera and go outside and take some pictures.

I really like seeing double rainbows.

I have also been seeing some rainbows while driving back and forth to work. However, it is not easy to get good rainbow pictures out of the window of the car 🙂

Thinking of rainbows, I am sure we will see many of them on Saturday with the celebration of St. Patrick’s Day.

Rainbow at Sunset, Rainbow, Pink Rainbow, Water Droplets, RainI am also thinking of this rainbow picture that I took several years ago. Do you know why this is a Pink Rainbow? Click on the link for an explanation.

Have you ever seen a pink rainbow?


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  1. ljhlaura says:

    Beautiful rainbows!

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