Pink Image Search

Tonight I have been reading a book about color so decided to do another color image search. My previous posts in this series are Blue Image Search, Red Image Search, Yellow Image Search, Green Image Search, Orange Image SearchPurple Image Search, Black Image Search, White Image Search, and Brown Image Search.

For these posts I simply pick a color and search my blog images to see what I come up with.

I am now going to click on Add Media and then type ‘pink’ in the search field.

What ‘pink’ images will I find?

They may not end up being pink in color.

fall color, pink rose, rose bushHere we have a pink rose.

Pinky Up, Dessert Tea, Cinnamon Bun, teaI found this interesting tea a few years ago. Pinky Up is a brand of dessert teas.

I bought two different flavors; Cinnamon Bun and Chocolate Mint. Both are delicious.

See: Dessert Tea

Rainbow at Sunset, Rainbow, Pink Rainbow, Water Droplets, RainHave you ever seen a pink rainbow? You will only see one right after sunset.

See: Rainbow after Sunset

Kite Flying, Singapore, Pink Kite, polka dotsI saw this pink kite in Singapore while out sightseeing.

Pink Rose Bush, Floribunda, Roses at duskI had a lot of flower pictures to pick from in this search. One of my favorites is this one of a bloom on my pink floribunda rose bush.

I hope you enjoyed these ‘pink’ images.

What color should I search for the next time I can’t think of what to post about?


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  1. Madeline Strapon I received a mail from her. Is she a part of your team?

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