Throwback Thursday

Up until tonight I have resisted the trend of Throwback Thursday. Since I had a bit of writers block this evening I have buckled and will share a few pictures of myself with my older sister from when we were little kids. I will be nice and not show the embarrassing ones.

Wellman Iowa, Amish Country, Farm, Family PicI will start with the oldest of the pictures. Here I am with my sister and my parents. We are at our farmhouse in Wellman, Iowa. I was the only one of my five siblings to be born when we lived on a farm. The rest were city kids 🙂 Our farm was right in the midst of Amish country as well.

Dressed like Big Sister, Wellman, Iowa, Farm, Family PictureHere we are a few months later when I am a bit bigger. My sister looks real excited that she is dressed just like me. There are more of this type of picture but they will stay hidden for now 🙂

Kids with Uncle, Family, Photo Booth, Throwback ThursdayPhoto booth pictures are always fun. Here we are with our Uncle Rick who is wearing his cowboy hat. We both have nice smiles on our face.

This picture makes me think of a couple of old photo booth pictures that were taken by my grandparents. See: Old-Time Photography III

Grandparents, Ottumwa, Iowa, Siblings, Throwback ThursdayHere is a picture that was taken when our grandparents visited from California. This picture brings back so many memories. Also, if you look closely you can see my great grandma in the background of the picture.

Do you see the bulb hanging from the ceiling of the porch? Does anyone remember the yellow bug lights we used to have?

Sister, Smiling, Surprised, siblings, cute pictureOK, one more picture. Here we are with surprised looks on our faces. Not sure what we were surprised about, but I am sure it was something good as I have a nice smile.

Which of these pictures is your favorite? Mine is the third one.






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4 Responses to Throwback Thursday

  1. arlene says:

    I like the last one 🙂 the sense of wonder in being a child….priceless.

  2. Luanne @ TFK says:

    All of them! I love the matching gingham outfits.

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