Around the Yard III

This afternoon I took a look Around my Yard and determined that I needed to do a bit of yard work.

I did not have much time as the sun was quickly setting, but I did do just a few things and made a list of things to do next weekend.

Rose Bush, Early Growth, Spring GrowthI took a look at my rose bushes and they are starting to grow new leaves since they were pruned. See Winter Pruning III

You can see that there is at least one branch on the bush that needs to be cut off since it looks like it is totally dead. That will be a task for next weekend. By then there will be even more growth and I will be able to make better choices of where the do some further pruning.

Rose Bush, Tropicana Rose Bush, Spring Growth, New Rose GrowthThe leaves on my Tropicana are starting to appear and they are a riot of red color. It is hard to imagine that in just a few months my rose bushes will be full of blooms.

Early tree buds, spring, Renewal, februaryAs I went into my backyard to check what needed to be done I looked up into the tree just outside the door from the garage. There were many buds on the branches and there were even a few blossoms that were opening. I will have to keep an eye on them and get some good pictures in the mornings when there is good light.

I will also need to thin out this tree a bit.

Agapanthus, Back yard, Yard work, trimmingOops, my Agapanthus needed a little bit of work. I had not cut out the last stalks from last years blooms. This was one job that I did finish today as it only took a few minutes.

I also did some very minor trimming on my two backyard trees but really need to do some major trimming next weekend.

Back Yard Fence, Yard Work, Clean UpI also cleaned all the vines off of my fence. Last year I didn’t keep them in check and they were very dense. I should have taken a picture before I started. The vines are from my neighbor’s side of the fence, but I let them grow through as they are very pretty to look at. However, my neighbor and I plan on doing some fence work later this year and it needs to be clear so that we have room to work.

I drug all the vines to a pile in the work area alongside my house and next week I need to cut them up further and get them into the yard waste bin.

You can tell by the color of the picture that the sun was setting by the time I finished and took the picture. You can really see that the shorter wavelength light is disappearing and the longer wavelength colors are predominate.

This makes me think of a picture I took of a pink rainbow last year. See my post Rainbow after Sunset to learn more about pink rainbows and how they happen.

Now to finish my lesson for class tomorrow morning.


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