Autumn Poems

Tonight I was looking through a scrapbook full of poems that my Grandma saved from newspapers and magazines. The poems are from about 50 years ago.

The ones that I chose to share tonight have an autumn theme.

Since this week is the start of fall or autumn they are timely and also give us something to look forward too over the next couple of months.

Bertha Reynolds Hudelson, Autumn Fun, Poetry, Autumn PoemsAutumn Fun

Bertha Reynolds Hudelson

Just yesterday I played a game

With our big maple tree.

It sent a thousand golden leaves

Showering down on me.

I tried to catch the lovely things

Sailing through the air.

I rushed around, and captured one,

Tight in my curly hair!

Helen Barclay, Leaves of Autumn, Poetry, Autumn PoemsLeaves of Autumn

Helen Barclay

When blades of grass are turning brown

And autumn leaves come floating down,

I dance with them on lawn and street

And scuffle through them with my feet.

Then to one special spot I take

All I can gather with my rake,

Heaping them high above my head

To make a giant featherbed,

Where, when I climb on top to rest,

I sink into a cozy nest.

Carmen lagos Signes, An Autumn Day, Poetry, Autumn Poems, Fall PoemsAn Autumn Day

Carmen Lagos Signes

Pumpkins in the cornfields,

Gold among the brown,

Leaves of rust and scarlet

Trembling slowly down;

Birds that travel southward,

Lovely time to play;

Nothing is as pleasant

As an autumn day!

William Allen Ward, Autumn, Poetry, Fall PoetryAutumn

William Allen Ward

Autumn is

An artist who uses

An oak leaf on which

To paint a masterpiece.

I hope you enjoyed these short poems about autumn. They are bringing back many memories as I read them.


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