October Poems

Tonight I thought about sharing even more poems about autumn, but decided instead to be more specific and share poems about October.

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These poems come from a scrapbook of poems that my Grandmother clipped from newspapers and magazines.

A Song for October, Grace Noll Crowell, PoemsA Song for October

A high wind, a wild wind, a scarlet wind blowing

Brightly from the burning core of the autumn leaves;

Far hills, and blue hills, the spun threads showing

Silver across the fields barren of their sheaves.

Down the long October road, traveling together,

A boy and girl, hand in hand, take their light-heart way,

A red leaf pinned within her hair, and in his belt a feather,

An on their lips the windy tang of the autumn day.

Sturdy are October’s loves, sturdy for the climbing

Of wild hills and wet hills, the joyous hills of time.

Walk together, boy and girl, the rhythm and the rhyming

Of happy feet will make a song the steepest hills you climb.

Grace Noll Crowell

October Poem, Maitland BushbyOctober

October! October!

There’s magic in the name —-

A clear sky, a blue sky,

And sunsets all aflame.

October! October!

It’s harvest time again;

The high corn, the low corn,

Is gathered in the bin.

October! October!

The birds sing with swelled throats;

A long song, a last song,

Of tender parting notes.

October! October!

The hills are all aglow

With red leaves, with gold leaves,

That dance when soft winds blow.

October! October!

I love you more each year;

Your warm days, your soft days,

To me they are most dear.

D. Maitland Bushby

Glad October, poetry, poem, M. Lucille FordGlad October

Oh, beautiful the autumn time!

October days are here;

The trees in royal garments clad

Join in our songs of cheer.

The earth is holding festival

In colors bright and gay;

The world is like a picture fair

This glad October day.


Oh, autumn time, we welcome you

with songs of joyous cheer,

Remembering your colors bright

Throughout the whole glad year.

Oh, brightly now the fires gleam

Upon the hearth at night;

And gladly now we linger long

Around the home fires bright.

The hoarfrost gleams upon the vales

And Halloween draws nigh;

Oh, autumn time, we welcome you,

And hold your banners high.

M. Lucille Ford

I hope you enjoyed these poems and that you are having a wonderful October.


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1 Response to October Poems

  1. M'ario Costa says:

    Só many beautiful phrases involving Autumn – which is part of life and NATURE!

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