Wednesday Sunset III

After seeing a beautiful sunset tonight it is time for another Wednesday Sunset post. Since the post name ends with III, there is also a Wednesday Sunset II post.

Today has been another long Wednesday so I need to make a quick post so that I can go take a walk to finish up my 10,000 steps for the day.

Westley Exit, California, Patterson Hills, Central Valley, SunsetHere was the sunset tonight as I stopped for a quick bite to eat at the Westley exit. The hills look like they are on fire with the clouds reflecting the setting sun. There is also a lot of dust in the air as we are in the middle of tomato harvest.

Westley California, Sunset, Red Sky, Colorful Sky, Harvest SunsetHere is a view to the north showing that the extent of the sunset. I really like the silhouetted trees in this picture.

Sunset, Patterson Hills, Westley, Central Valley, Red SkyHere is a wider shot showing the sun setting over the hills and also the sky to the north. This looks almost like I just combined the two pictures above, but then I would be missing the area between the two light poles.

Power Lines, Sunset, California Sunset, Red SkyHere is another view just showing the sunset over the hills. You can see the fiery sky as the sun slowly sets in the background.

power lines, Power Towers, sunset, silhouette.In Wednesday Sunset II I shared some pictures of these same power line towers silhouetted against the sunset. This one turned out much better.

I really enjoyed this amazing sunset and look forward to the next one. As the days shorten I am now often driving during peak sunset time. The chances of seeing a good sunset are increasing daily.

Did you have a beautiful sunset today?




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