Fall is Here

Today is the Autumnal Equinox which means that Fall is Here!

Yellow Red Leaves, Autumn, Tree Color, Fall ColorIt is time for the trees to start changing color.

Helen Barclay, Leaves of Autumn, Poetry, Autumn PoemsIt is time to read Autumn Poems about the change of seasons.

Beautiful Red Fall Leaves from Crawfordsville, Indiana - Lew Wallace Study MuseumIt is time to watch out for interesting patterns of leaves on the sidewalk. Of course, you need to take pictures of them. See: Fall Leaves and Fallen Leaves

Half Marathon Hike, German Hills, hiking, trails, long hike, Jena, GermanyOf course, you should also take a walk in the hills of Germany which is on my schedule for next month 🙂

Missouri River Boat Race, MR 340, Bridge, SelfieOf course, most years the Autumnal Equinox falls on the 22 day of September. There are a few years where it is on the 23rd and even this depends on what time zone you live in.

So, since it is the 22nd day of September it is also time to say Happy Birthday to my brother. In the picture above he is Paddling across Missouri.

It is easy to remember when fall starts each year 🙂

Are you ready for fall?


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