Turkey Turkeys

I have had several people ask me if I saw turkeys in Turkey. Do they not know that turkeys do not come from Turkey?

The bird we know as a turkey here in the U.S. is actually native to America. But, how did it get the name turkey? Is it just a coincidence? Hold on, I will give the answer as we progress through the post.

Cappadocia, Rock Chimneys, Fairy Chimneys, Rock Formations, TurkeyWhile we were in the Cappadocia area we went to visit the fairy chimneys. Here is one of my artistic shots where I am trying to get a picture of flowers with the chimneys in the background. I think it turned out pretty good.

You can see more about the Cappadocia area by clicking on: Cappadocian Chimneys

While we were wandering among the rock formations, we ran across ……

Turkey, Cappadocia, Fairy Chimneys… turkeys. I am really not sure why they had turkeys wandering around at the site. Especially as they are not native to Turkey.

Why they are called turkeys is an interesting story. In the 1500’s the Helmeted Guinea Fowl from Madagascar started to appear on dinner tables in Europe. The birds were exported through Turkey and the English thought of them as turkeys.

Male Turkey, Gobbler, Turkish Turkey, Thanksgiving, Native American BirdWhen the Spanish started exploring America they came across what we know as the turkey. The American bird tasted like turkey, only better, and was also soon being imported into Europe.

Turkey Turkey, Gobbler, native american bird, ThanksgivingBy the early 1600’s turkey had become a common meal in England. When the pilgrims came to Plymouth they tasted this delicious bird and knew it as turkey.

So, yes I did see turkeys in Turkey. Just not native ones 🙂


For more pictures of turkeys see: Turkey Time II and Turkey Month




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10 Responses to Turkey Turkeys

  1. Uncle Spike says:

    and here we call them Hindi 😀

  2. Gary Bryant says:

    I noticed those in Turkey do not pronounce Turkey as we do. It is more like Turkai, with a long a and i!

  3. Rose Cudaback says:

    Happy Birthday.

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  5. Glenda McDougal says:

    Fantastic pictures …

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