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June Wanderings

Tonight I decided to take a look at where I wandered in June. I did not take any trips, but my mind did wander to different places.

I debated on whether to write a monthly recap post or not. The only monthly recap post I have written, A Long Short Month, was not too popular.

You can click on the embedded links to visit the posts I wrote earlier this month.

Brady Bunch Years, Bobby Brady, Cindy BradyThe month started off with Brady Bunch Memories, which was one of the most popular posts of the month.

WC, Water Closet, Turkish Bathroom Sign, Turkish Toilet Sign, WC SignThe most popular post of the month has been Turkish Toilets.

Below are more posts that I wrote this month about Turkey as my trip there was just last month.

Turkish Lamps

Roses in Turkey

The Hittite

Wednesday Wanderings III

Magnum Bars, Pistachio, Ice Cream Treats, TurkeyMy trip to Turkey also inspired a few of my food posts for the month.

While traveling in Turkey I enjoyed Magnum Bars and Cherry Juice. It also led to my Magnum Mini post.

Drying Apricots, Dried Apricots, Apricot Processing, Drying Trays, California SunEarlier this month it was Time for Apricots and Drying Apricots.

To round out the food posts for the month I wrote about Twinkies Flavors yesterday.

Qumran, Essenes, Dead Sea, BAR, Biblical Archaeology Review, Dead Sea ScrollsThis month also saw my mind wander to Archaeology as it often does.

My friend Barry led a tour group to Israel earlier this month and it triggered some Memories of Israel.

The arrival of the latest issue of Biblical Archaeology Review resulted in the post: In the BAR V

A Sunday morning Bible class topic resulted in a post on Felix and Drusilla.

I have several friends who are on digs in Israel this month so I had to write about Dig Season.

Iowa History, Ottumwa, Iowa, 5th Grade, Favorite TeacherNow to transition to history. I wrote a post about a grade school assignment in Iowa History. I also wrote about some of the Revolutionary Reading that I have planned.

Fronleichnam doesn’t fit snugly into the history category, but I will drop it here.

Rehydrated Flower, Agapanthus, African Lily, Lily of the NileI will group a few more posts here. June saw a change in seasons and we had the Last Day of Spring. We also had more than one Hot Monday and had some Tempered Tuesday Temps. Luckily my Agapanthus has survived the hot temperatures.

I also wrote a few posts that have been mostly overlooked.

Primary Election Day was the first Tuesday of the month. The post has had very few views to go along with the low turnout at the polls.

Despite some beautiful pictures, Toronto Zoo II also had little interest.

That leaves just a few more posts.

The World Cup turned up a few Brazil Memories.

Matador, Bullfight, Portuguese bullfight, bloodless bullfight, cape, bullTracy had a Book Store Opening and a Grande Corrida De Toiros.

Lastly, a Facebook notification triggered memories of more Family Friends.

You can definitely see why my blog is called Braman’s Wanderings.

Which is your favorite post of the month?



Twinkies Flavors

This afternoon I went to Wal-Mart to pick up some Zingers.

Zingers - Hostess Snack Cakes - Return of ZingersWal-Mart is the only place that I can find Zingers and also many of the other Hostess snack cakes. There seems to be an exclusive distribution agreement between the two companies.

While locating the Zingers I happened across some other new Hostess products.

Twinkies have been back on the shelves for almost a year now, and now they have a few new flavors.

Twinkies, Banana Twinkies, Strawberry Twinkies, Blue Raspberry TwinkiesThey had a nice display of Twinkies with different flavors. In the picture above you can see Strawberry Creme, Banana Creme and Blue Raspberry Creme.

Chocolate Creme Twinkies, Twinkies Flavors, New Twinkies varieties.There was also Chocolate Creme Twinkies. I had heard that Chocolate Twinkies were in the plans, but thought that the cake would be chocolate and not the creme. Maybe they will have both.

Strawberry Creme Twinkies, Strawberry Twinkies, Twinkies Flavors, New FlavorsThe Strawberry Creme Twinkies looked good, so I picked up a box to go along with my Zingers. I also noticed that Hostess has a nice marketing campaign for the summer. “Summer of Twinkies Cue the Fun!”

Strawberry Creme Twinkies, Twinkies Strawberry filling, Twinkies, Strawberry CremeThe Strawberry creme filling was really good. A good balance between the creme filling and the cake.

X-Men Twinkies, Blue Raspberry Twinkies, Twinkies Flavors, Twinkies PromotionI also picked up a box of Extreme Creme Blue Raspberry Twinkies. I liked the X-Men box. It will be interesting to see how they taste. I am not a big Raspberry fan, but my friend Brett tried one and liked it.

Now to see if another Twinkies rumor will come true. Will they make a gluten free variety?

Which of the flavors would you try?