Memorial Day Weekend

I had a few things planned for Memorial Day, but the schedule started changing on Sunday morning.

On the way to church services the battery light on Old Blue came on. I knew that I needed to get Old Blue home and get things checked out as soon as possible, so I headed for home right after services.

Orchard, Bird Road, Tracy, California, Car TroubleOn the way home my car started to slowly shut down different electrical systems. The same symptoms that I had last March while driving home from work. See Friday Frustrations

I kept an eye on things and was praying that I would have enough power to get home. Unfortunately, I ended up having to stop about five miles from home. Luckily, I was able to pull over on a nice level gravel area. I put in a call to OnStar and then patiently waited for the tow truck.

Tow Truck, Car Trouble, Flat Bed, Alternator, OnStarI settled in to read and had read quite a few pages before the tow truck arrived. We were soon on our way to the dealer to drop off my car.

Flatbed Tow Truck, Car Trouble, Pontiac G6 Alternator, Car TroubleNot something I wanted to see this weekend. Old Blue has been towed a few too many times in the past two years.

Since it was a hot day, I was thankful that the tow truck driver gave me a ride home. I now have to wait for Tuesday morning to find out how long it will take to get Old Blue back on the road again. Most likely it is the alternator like it was last March, and I remember the hassle they had to go through to get the right part. I hope it is better this time.

Sidewalk, block walkway, brick work, Weekend TasksOf course, I then had to change my plans a bit. One of the tasks that I had planned for the weekend was working on the walkway down the side of my house. I had planned on getting more bricks and widening the walkway while also leveling the ground. Of course, I could have done some work on it but I want to do things in a certain order.

I also planned on going to the Memorial Day Observance at the local cemetery, but it was a bit too far to walk on a hot day. Instead, I looked back through my pictures from last year while thinking about those I know who have given their life for our country. You can read about one of my relatives in: Memorial Day

Agapanthus Bloom, Agapanthus Plant, Backyard plantsI also spent some time doing some housework, reading and simply getting things done.

I was hoping that my Agapanthus would be blooming by today, but it looks like it still needs a few more days.

Backyard, Sunny Back Yard, Shade Tree, Outdoors, Memorial Day WeekendI also spent a little time relaxing in my backyard, although I did wait until the late afternoon when most of the yard was in the shade.

I finished up the last pages of one book and started on another while enjoying the late afternoon breeze.

Now for a good night of sleep before a busy week. I just wish I knew how tomorrow will pan out. I will just have to wait.


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