Thanksgiving Month

Today is the first day of November and that means that we are in the month of thanksgiving.

I urge all of you to think about what you are thankful for this month and share your blessings with others.

Turkey Turkey, Gobbler, native american bird, ThanksgivingAs the month goes by we will all be looking forward to Thanksgiving and having a turkey dinner. The picture above is a double turkey. I took this picture several years ago while visiting turkey. See: Turkey Turkeys

Turkeys California, Wild TurkeyA couple weeks ago I started getting excited that it is Almost Turkey Time when I saw wild turkeys near our office.

Turkey reacting to Reflection, Turkey Month, GobblerOne of the things that I am thankful for this month are my friends. My mind has wandered after the last picture to this one. I had sent a picture of the turkeys above to one of my friends and she sent this one back to me along with this message.

I also saw a turkey today from the cafeteria. It sees it’s reflection and thinks it’s another male turkey so it’s puffing up its feathers and headbutting his “opponent”. It was pretty funny to watch.

I know how funny this is to watch as I have observed the same several times. The picture brought a smile to my face and made my day better.

We should all remember that sometimes little things we share help lift the spirits of others.

Happy Thanksgiving, Chalk Art, Front Porch, Canadian ThanksgivingSo, more wandering thoughts of friends. While looking for another Thanksgiving picture I saw this one. Immediately memories flooded back of spending Canadian Thanksgiving with friends in Toronto. I helped a little friend write this on the sidewalk with chalk that I had brought to her as a gift.

Thanksgiving Day - Pilgrims - Feast - Plymouth Plantation - Plymouth ColonyOh, the picture I was looking for? Here it is. This is from one of my Grandma’s Scrapbooks.

I hope to write more about the Pilgrims and Plymouth Colony this year. I have some new observations to share about my family and Plymouth Colony.

Thanksgiving Turkey - Thanksgiving Feast - Canadian ThanksgivingOK, so now I am hungry as I think about Thanksgiving. I am looking forward to a great Thanksgiving feast this year as I go back to Missouri to spend time with my family.

Thanksgiving Pie - Pumpkin Pie - First ThanksgivingI hope that we have some nice pumpkin pie. As I look at this picture I think I may just have to go buy a pumpkin pie this weekend. My mouth is watering just thinking about this pie.

OK, I must get this posted before I have to get a midnight snack.

What are you thankful for this month?




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