Turkey Week

As we start the week of Thanksgiving, I thought about some turkey pictures I have taken in the past.

Turkey Turkey, Gobbler, native american bird, ThanksgivingI will start with a Turkey turkey. I took this picture while on a tour of turkey with a group of friends.

Turkey, Cappadocia, Fairy ChimneysHere are both the male and female. These were taken in Cappadocia at the Fairy Chimneys. Follow the link for a bit of history about turkeys.

Wild Turkey - Thanksgiving - Dublin, California - Turkey on CarAt our old office we would often see a rafter of wild turkeys around out building. I feel bad for the owner of this SUV as there were probably scratches on the roof.

Wild Turkey Head - Dublin, California - ThanksgivingI was able to get a good closeup of a gobbler with an ugly scrawny neck.

Wild turkeys, Dublin, Morning foraging, Flock of turkeysThe toms do look magnificent with their feathers fanned out though.

Although our new office is only a couple blocks away I have not see any there. I guess it is just out of their natural range, although they were often seen just across the road in the past.


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