Wednesday Wanderings II

A long day today as Wednesdays often are, so just a few pictures with only a little commentary. Plus a little break from my Turkey posts.

If you are missing my Turkey pictures you can look at Wednesday Wanderings from last week.

Old Blue, Pontiac G6, Car Trouble, Water Pump, Charging SystemOld Blue is back on the road. (See: Memorial Day Weekend) The electrical problems ended up being a loose connection and a broken wire in the charging system. However, while they were diagnosing the electrical problem they discovered that my water pump was beginning to leak.

Here I am stopped at a rest area on the way home from class.

California Sunset, Big Valley Sunset, Red Sky, SilhouetteI waited around at the rest area for a little while so I could take a nice picture of the sunset. I like the silhouette of the tree in this picture. A gorgeous sunset tonight.

Free Lunch, Birthday Lunch, Kinders, Pulled Pork, Beans, potato saladI also had my free birthday lunch from Kinder’s today. I enjoyed the nice pulled pork sandwich with beans and potato salad. Now to figure out which coupon to use for lunch tomorrow.

Pulled Pork Sandwich, Kinder's, Free Lunch, Birthday LunchJust in case you wanted a closer look at my pulled pork sandwich. It was really good.

Now for some sleep before another busy day at work. I am teaching for the next few weeks and have a lot of prep work to get done.



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