Turkey Time is Near

It is getting close to turkey time as Thanksgiving is only a week away.

Turkey reacting to Reflection, Turkey Month, GobblerSo, tonight you get some images of turkeys to get you in the holiday mood.

Wild Turkeys, Turkeys in the Fog, Parking Lot, Fog, Flock of Turkeys, Rafter of TurkeysWe have a lot of wild turkeys around our office. We see them all year long, but they have special meaning this time of year.

Turkeys, wild turkeys, feathers, colorful feathersThey have a certain beauty, especially with their colorful tail feathers.

Turkey Turkey, Gobbler, native american bird, ThanksgivingHe we have a Turkey Turkey. This picture was taken in Turkey šŸ™‚

Flock of Wild Turkeys - Groveland, California - Thanksgiving - Turkey TimeThis picture was taken up in the foothills near Yosemite. I was visiting some friends there for Thanksgiving.

Wild Turkey - Thanksgiving - Dublin, California - Turkey on CarOK, one more wild turkey. This is what you do not want to see when you go out to the parking lot at work. Luckily IĀ  have never caught one on top of my car, but some of my co-workers have had the roof of their car scratch up by turkeys.

I hope these images help get you excited about next week šŸ™‚

I will take some time off next week and hopefully will write some more serious posts about Thanksgiving.



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