Turkey Time IV

Yes it is that time of year again when turkeys start to look a bit nervous.

Wild Turkey Head - Dublin, California - ThanksgivingWe often have wild turkeys in our parking lot at work. I took this picture quite some time ago and have used it in several posts over the past years.

This turkey definitely looks nervous.

You can see from the title that this is the fourth time I have used the title Turkey Time. The first time I used the title was in November 2013, but it wasn’t about Thanksgiving. It was actually about just signing up for a trip to Turkey.

National Geographic - January 1958 - Turkey - Ancient Crossroads - Cappadocia - Turkey - Cave DwellingsIn the post I shared the covers of some National Geographic issues which had articles about Turkey.

Wild Turkey - Thanksgiving - Dublin, California - Turkey on CarLater that month I did write Turkey Time II which focused on the bird instead of the country.

Thanksgiving Turkey - Thanksgiving Feast - Canadian ThanksgivingTurkey Time III was written in 2014 and had this nice picture of one ready to eat. This one had a really nice orange glaze. Yum.

There was no post in the series last year as I didn’t even get turkey on Thanksgiving. I was in Australia and was working. The closest to turkey was some black pepper chicken. See: Thanksgiving in Australia

Male Turkey, Gobbler, Turkish Turkey, Thanksgiving, Native American BirdAll this writing about turkeys makes me think of another post that I wrote about Turkey Turkeys. The post explores the history of the turkey, and why this bird has the same name as the country.

Are you looking forward to eating turkey on Thursday?



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