A Book in the Mail

For the last week I have been watching for a book in the mail.

Early this year I received a message from a publisher in England asking if he could use some of my pictures in a book he was working on.UK Stamp, UK Postmark, BookHe was working with a retired minister who was writing a book about his travels to Turkey through the years. He needed a few additional pictures and found them on my blog.

bubble wrap, book, mail, published book, picturesI of course gave permission for the use of the pictures and asked for information on how to get a copy of the book. I was interested in the book, and also thought it would be cool to have a copy of a published book with my pictures in it. The publisher said that he would send me a copy as a thank you.

The book arrived in my mailbox yesterday.

Unearthing the Church in Turky, David Winwood, Archaeology, History, TurkeyThe book is Unearthing the Church in Scripture and in Turkey by David Winwood and is published by McKnight & Bishop Ltd.

Unearthing the church in scripture and in turkey, david winwood, Turkey, book flyerThe book is a comprehensive look at sites related to the church in Turkey and is full of both facts about the places and personal application.

The flier for the book says “This new book lets the reader take a paper pilgrimage to these important New Testament archaeological sites in modern day Turkey”.

I have just started looking at some of the sections and the book has some great information and insight into the many different places he has visited in Turkey.

Tell Lystra - Lois, Eunice, Timothy, Paul - HatunsarayThe book has some pictures that I took of Lystra (above), Derbe and Antioch in Pisidia. You can see more pictures from the day that I visited Lystra and Derbe in my post Tells, Tell a Tale.

I was given a nice thank you in the image rights section of the book and a link to my Turkey page was provided for people to see more of my pictures and my thoughts about Turkey.

To me it is just cool that I have some of my pictures in a published book 🙂


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4 Responses to A Book in the Mail

  1. Happy for you, Stephen!

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