A Little Wandering

Tonight I have been thinking of where I have been around the world this year.

My first trip of the year was to Sydney, Australia in February.Blue Mountains - Australia - Rock Formation - Katoomba - GeologyWhile in Australia I took a train trip to the Blue Mountains.

Cherry Blossoms in Tokyo - Japan Cherry Blossoms - Yotsuya Station - New OtaniIn April I took a trip to Tokyo and just happened to be there when the Cherry Blossoms were blooming.

Roman Road - Tarsus Roman Road - Steps of Paul - Cilician Road

In May I was in Turkey where one of the highlights was walking on a Roman road near Tarsus.

For more about my trip to Turkey you can visit the following page: Turkey

Giant Panda, Bamboo, Er Shun, Toronto ZooIn August I took a trip north of the border to Toronto. One of the fun things that I did with my friends was go to the zoo. I especially wanted to see the Toronto Zoo Giant Pandas.

Giant Panda, Ueno Zoo, Japan, Tokyo Zoo, BambooThis month found me back in Tokyo again. I had a little bit of time on the weekend so I went to the Ueno Zoo to see the Giant Pandas.

Hmm, I wonder where 2015 will take me.


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  1. Glenda McDougal says:

    Wonderful traveling places …

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