Images from Turkey

During the last two weeks I have been sharing posts from my trip to Turkey with my Facebook friends. The trip was one year ago, so each day I have been sharing the post from one year previous.

As I have been looking back through my posts my mind has wandered to some of the many images that I haven’t shared from the trip.

Tonight I decided to share a few of my favorite images that haven’t been seen before on my blog.

Pretzel Guy, Pretzels on Head, TurkeyThis picture was taken in Antalya. We spotted this guy carrying pretzels on his head and I just had to take a picture. The guy was quickly and confidently walking down the street. He definitely had great balance.

Adanya Turkey, Dresses, Ball Gowns, Formals, Contrasting stylesThis building was across the street from our hotel in Antalya. I really liked the contrast in the two display windows. On the bottom floor the gowns were very modern and on the top floor they were traditional. I like the colorful gowns on the top floor much better than the ones on the bottom floor.

Three Generations, Turkey, Contrasts, Clothing Styles, Generation GapThis was also a common sight in the different cities in Turkey, especially the further west we traveled. Here we have three generations and a large contrast in the way that they are dressed. The very traditional black garment for the grandmother and the more modern clothes for the mother and child. I would say that the way that the mother is dressed is the most modern and that the child has a mix of the old and the new.

Turkish Children, Country, village children, TurkeyHere we have two cute little girls in the back of a farm truck. I really like the colorful painting on the tail gate of the truck.

We had stopped in a small village to ask directions to the tel that we were looking for and also to take some pictures of storks on a platform and an old clay oven.

My friends Arter and Jimmy were having fun talking to the girls.

Pinwheel, Whirligig, Blowing Pinwheel, Turkey, Child with PinwheelThis picture brought back so many memories of playing with a pinwheel when I was a child this age. I really liked making the wheel spin with a big gust of breath.

This pinwheel is much more colorful and ornate than the ones that we had.

I hope that you enjoyed these images from my trip to Turkey last year. For more images from the trip visit my Turkey page.

Which of these images is your favorite?



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1 Response to Images from Turkey

  1. From pretzels to pinwheels! Love it! What a fab glimpse into everyday life in Turkey. šŸ™‚

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