Peppermint Magnum Bars

When I travel I always check to see if there are any interesting Magnum Bars to be found.

Here in Australia I have found a few nice flavors. I am trying to be good and not eat too much ice cream, so bought just one box at the grocery store.

Magnum Bars, Australia Magnum Bars, peppermintYou can see that they are the only thing in my freezer. It is near the end of my trip and I am making sure that I won’t have anything to throw away.

Magnum Bars, Australia Magnum Bars, peppermintThe flavor that I bought was Peppermint. I always enjoy the flavor of mint, so they were a good choice.

It was nice to have them this weekend as it was very hot with temps over 100 degrees on Saturday. These were definitely a nice cool treat.

Magnum Bars, Australia Magnum Bars, peppermintI like the packaging with the colorful green logos. Nice color coordination for peppermint.

Magnum Bars, Australia Magnum Bars, peppermintHere the magnum bar is revealed. One thing that I have noticed about the Magnum bars in Australia is that the chocolate shell is a bit fragile. This makes it a little difficult to eat as the shards easily fall off while you are eating. However, they taste delicious, so it is worth a little bother.

I really like this flavor, but my favorite is still the pistachio one that I had in Turkey.

Honeycomb Crunch Magnum, Magnum Bars, Magnum Flavors, AustraliaDuring my last trip to Australia I bought some Honeycomb Crunch Magnum Bars. If I would have bought a second box, this would have been my choice.

Do you have a favorite Magnum Bar flavor?


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