New Magnum Bar

When I was at the grocery store on Sunday I visited the freezer section to pick up some Magnum Bars. I was hoping to get my favorite Magnum Mint flavor, but they were out of them.

Magnum Double Peanut Butter, Ice Cream Bars, Belgian ChocolateHowever, I did see a new flavor and decided to give it a try.

I really like peanut butter, so Double Peanut Butter looked good.

Magnum Bar, Gold Wrapper, Magnum Ice Cream BarHere is a picture of the wrapper. It is interesting to see the wrapper without a designation of the flavor.

Magnum Bars, Pistachio, Ice Cream Treats, TurkeyIn Israel and Turkey the wrappers are very colorful, but then again the ones I saw there were all for individual sale. Whenever I enjoy a Magnum Bar I always think back to these two trips. I am also looking forward to some of the unique local flavors when I am in Israel this summer.

Magnum Bar, Frozen Treat, Ice Cream Bar, Belgian ChocolateHere is my Magnum Bar covered with a thick coating of Belgian chocolate. It may be a bit out of focus, but I was focused on getting a taste so didn’t check my picture before I took a nice bite out of it.

Magnum Bar, Double Peanut Butter, Ice Cream TreatLook at the thick layer of chocolate around the thick layer of peanut butter sauce. Then another layer of chocolate around the delicious peanut butter ice cream.

You definitely want to keep this away from any friends that have a peanut allergy as it is full of peanut deliciousness.

I really enjoyed this Magnum Bar tonight, especially as a reward for the completion of a two week course.

Magnum stick, Ice Cream Bar Stick, Magnum BarsOf course, when you are done all that is left is the stick. Especially when you lick all the chocolate off of it 🙂

Thinking back to my shopping trip on Sunday evening. I was also given a Magnum coupon when I checked out. It was a double treat.

Do you have a favorite Magnum Bar flavor?



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1 Response to New Magnum Bar

  1. Boomdeeadda says:

    I don’t know if we have Magnum bars here, I’ve never seem them but then again, I rarely enter that danger zone at the market. My favourite ice-cream treat is a Creamsicle and now they use yogurt in the middle with fruit juice on the outside…mmmmm yum

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