Hamburg Centennial Necktie

I ran across this post tonight and thought I would share it again.

How far back do your Hamburg roots go?


Hamburg Centennial – 1/19/15

For all my followers with Hamburg, Iowa roots, do you know when the Hamburg Centennial was?

Tonight I ran across a nice little memento of the Hamburg Centennial.

Hamburg Iowa, Centennial, 1858-1958, CelebrationThe Hamburg Centennial was celebrated on September 12-13, 1958. My grandparents were living just outside of Hamburg at that time.

My Grandma saved this centennial necktie from the celebration.

Necktie, Necktie Clasp, Centennial, Hamburg, IowaOn the back you can see the clasp of the necktie. I can just imagine my Grandfather wearing this necktie.

Necktie Clasp, 1958 Neck tie, Centennial celebrationI just had to take a picture of the necktie clasp. They are not so much different today.

Hamburg was founded in 1858 by a man who had immigrated from near Hamburg Germany. The first settlers in the Hamburg area came in the 1840’s and believed that they were settling in Missouri. After a survey was made when Iowa became a state it was found that they lived in Iowa.

My Braman ancestors moved to Hamburg in the 1870’s and were there for the 1880 census. My Beck ancestors moved to the area just south of the state line in the mid 1860’s.

Hamburg Iowa Centennial, 100 Years of HamburgWe weren’t there for the founding of Hamburg, but it was not long after when my family settled in the area. We were definitely there near the beginning of the first 100 years of Hamburg.

Do you have any early Hamburg ancestors?


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