Walker’s High

There is a lot of debate about whether you can get the same feeling that a runner gets while walking instead of running. Basically the runner’s high is a feeling of euphoria from the endorphins released while running.

There is even debate as to what a runner’s high is and how intense the feeling is to call it a runner’s high.

November walk, 1/3 mile loop, trees, gazebo, fallYou can feel really good while running or doing heavy exercise. Does this qualify as a high though? There is a lot of debate as to whether this is the runner’s high or if it is something more special. A true feeling of euphoria.

Red Trail, Jena, Germany, Thuringia, Country sideWhen I walk at a good pace for mile after mile, I get some of the similar feelings that I would get when I used to run longer distances. You get that peaceful feeling and feel that you can just keep walking. I get a great feeling when my walk is coming to an end and I start my cooling down. I also feel really good after a good walk. But is it a walker’s high?

Leaves on Sidewalk - Colorful Tree - Fall Color - Dublin, California - November Fall Foliage - Red LeavesI do feel a difference if I am walking very fast or if it is a slower walk. There is definitely more endorphins released in a faster walk.

Evening Walk, Shadows, Street lightsI sometimes wonder if you can get a walker’s high by walking by where people are smoking weed and you get second hand smoke. Probably not, as the concentration would be very low and you would quickly pass through the area.

The smell of weed is annoying more than anything. I know the smell well as the deputy sheriff in the small town I lived in brought some to our school and burnt some in a crucible so we would know what it smelled like.

It is an all too familiar smell here in California. I often smell it while out walking. Including tonight as I walked by the area in the picture above. Someone was having a backyard party.

November walk, 1/3 mile loop, trees, gazebo, fallI also smell it often as I walk past cars that have parked in the evening along the sidewalk around the park.

I felt really good as I was finishing a six mile walk tonight. But was it a walker’s high?


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1 Response to Walker’s High

  1. shortstuf481 says:

    You have inspired me to start my own site. I’m from Englewood, Ks./Montana.I will be keeping track of you and your wandering. I hope you are a former BlueJay,as was my stepson.

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