Harry Potter in Brazilian Portuguese

Since I have just returned from Sao Paulo I thought I would share another of the Harry Potter books that I have in different languages. While in Sao Paulo I stopped at a book store and purchased a copy in Brazilian Portuguese.

Previously I have written posts about Harry Potter in English, Spanish, German, Italian and Chinese.  I have books in only a small portion of the at least 75 different languages that the books have been translated into. I do have a few more than what I have written about and need to write about them sometime as well.

Harry Potter, Portuguese, Translations, Brazil, booksThis is the Brazilian Portuguese version of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone.

You can see that the cover art is the same as the English version that we are used to, except that it has the Portuguese title of Harry Potter E A Pedra Filosofal.

People in Brazil speak and read Portuguese, but it is somewhat different that the original that is spoken in Portugal. Perhaps someday I will pick up a copy in Portuguese.

Harry Potter, Back Cover, Brazilian Portuguese, Translations, Pedra FilosofalThe back cover has the same picture as the English version, but includes text about the book.

flyleaf, harry potter, brazil, portuguese, booksThe inner flyleaf has information about the story. It tells of how he lost his parents, hasn’t celebrated his birthday, lives under the stairs, etc..

I checked it out with my Universal Translator, to see if it was similar to what we find on the flyleaf of the English edition.

Author Bio, J. K. Rowling, Harry Potter, PortugueseThe back flyleaf is a biography of J. K. Rowling and tells the story of how she started writing the series.

I showed the copy that I bought to one of my students in Sao Paulo. He said that I was lucky to have found a copy of the first version. They have released cheaper copies with different cover art as the series is having a surge in popularity due to the recent Fantastic Beasts movies.

I have enjoyed the movies that are based on Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. However, I have seen them all on the small screen of the plane and would like to see them on bigger screens.

Can you read this edition of Harry Potter?



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