Virtually in Brazil

Monday morning I was virtually in Brazil as I presented a webinar for our engineers there.

Since I was virtually in Brazil I thought I would share just a few images that have wandered through my mind in the last few days.

feijoada, beans and rice, Brazilian Stew, comfort foodI am thinking of some of the great food I had in Brazil last year like this feijoada. This is a Brazilian stew made with beans and rice and is considered comfort food. This was my meal when I had Lunch at the Magic Chicken.

giant anteater, sao paulo zoo, anteater, a-z I have been thinking about my trip to the Sao Paulo Zoo last July. Do you know what this animal is? Can you tell where the head is?

tang, brazil, powdered drink mix, astronauts, flavorsI am also thinking of Tang, as it is a very popular drink in Brazil and they have a lot of different flavors.

Harry Potter, Portuguese, Translations, Brazil, booksI am also thinking of a book that I purchased. I have a collection of the first Harry Potter book in different languages. Brazilian Portuguese is my latest acquisition. See: Harry Potter in Brazilian Portuguese

churrascaria, Brazilian BBQ, students, lunch, rodizio, good lunchI just can’t stop thinking about the food. We had a good lunch almost every day. One day we visited a churrascaria and had some wonderful Brazilian BBQ. Looking at this picture I get to see the faces of some of my students from the webinar on Monday.

A lot of memories as I prepared for and presented the webinar on Monday to my Brazilian colleagues.


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