Home from Brazil

I am back home from Brazil after a long night of travel.

GRU Airport, Brazil, Sao Paulo, airports, flightsI took this picture as I was being dropped off at the airport in Sao Paulo. The airport code for the airport is GRU. You can read about why it is GRU in my post SFO to GRU. I also wrote a post yesterday from the airport before I left GRU – HOU – SFO.

767 leg room, united, travel, airplanes, crew rest areaOn the 10 hour flight from GRU to HOU, I had a lot of leg room . I was flying on a 767 and was just behind the crew rest area. Because of this I had a lot of legroom. This has advantages and disadvantages. It is much harder to get things out of the seat pocket in front of you and also your tray and video are in the arm of the chair. For the video, this means that you cannot start watching a movie until after takeoff. You also have to stow the video for landing.

However, you have a lot of legroom.

767 retrofit, united airlines, BrazilHere is a view from my seat. In the 767, it is a 2-3-2 configuration, so there are not too many middle seats. The flight was packed and there was someone in the window seat. He was a bit restless and kept bumping me while I was trying to sleep, but at least I had the legroom 🙂

Window Seat, 777 Engine, United Airlines, Polaris, First ClassFrom HOU to SFO, I had a window seat. I usually don’t sit in window seats. But if I get a free upgrade, I don’t mind too much.

I had a good view of the engine of the 777.

United Baggage Claim, SFO, Early landing, Long day of travelAfter the two long flights, I finally made it to SFO. It was nice as we arrived almost a half hour early and by the time the flight was scheduled to land I was already picking up my car.

I did have to make two stops on the way home from the airport. One was at a gas station. I usually make sure that I have a full tank when I go to the airport, but the gas station I use was closed the morning that I left for Brazil.

I also needed to take a pit stop at about the time I was passing by our office and decided to stop and do a little bit of work to get ready for Monday.

I have had a restful day and have even started laundry.

Now to get some sleep.


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  1. Nice journey! And for sure, nice leg room

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