Little Downtown Park

Whenever I go downtown to get my hair cut I always visit the little park that is across from the salon.

The Look, Tracy, California, Haircut, salonToday I was actually downtown twice. Once in the morning to pick up my new glasses and then in the afternoon for the haircut. I almost always park across the street from The Look as it is the direction I am going.

You can see Old Blue at the lower right of the picture.

Tracy Firefighter, Statue, FirefighterHere is the little park.  The park is just by the headquarters for the fire department and the main feature is the Tracy Firefighter statue.

Tracy Firefighter, Bronze Statue, SculptureI always like to get pictures of the statue as it can look very different as the light and atmospheric conditions change. Today was a very bright day and the statue was mostly in the sun.

Firefighter statue, tracy california, sculptureOne of the things that stood out for me today was the very realistic look of the arms. You can see the muscle tone and also the blood vessels of the firefighter.

Tracy Firefighter Sculpture, Tracy Downtown, Pocket ParkI really like the expression on the face of the firefighter. It looks like he is contemplating the work that he had just done.

As I was in the park today I thought of the many first responders who are  helping people in the Houston area this week as they start to recover from the devastating hurricane.


For more pictures of this statue you can visit the following posts:

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The Firefighter IV – At Night


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4 Responses to Little Downtown Park

  1. dattaragurl says:

    Yeah you are right, the hand looks so realistic and that’s really impressive.

  2. Norman Fultz says:

    One of the first things I noted about the statue was the fine detail you mentioned–blood vessels, position of hand on the axe handle in resting position, not gripping it, the mustache, helmet under other arm with jacket in hand. Such artistry.

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