New Glasses

In my post yesterday, Little Downtown Park, I mentioned that I picked up my new glasses.

Last night at Bible study people were stunned and shocked at how much different I looked with my new glasses. One of my little friends did not know who I was until I pulled my pen out of my pocket. As soon as he saw his favorite toy he knew who I was.

New glasses, no beard, instagram pictureThis afternoon I posted this picture to Instagram with the following caption:

Not sure why people are shocked by my new glasses. They are not that big of a change from my old pair.

Today at work the buzz started the moment I walked in the door. One friend looked at me in shock for several seconds before she could even speak. I saw many puzzled looks as to who I was and other interesting reactions.

White beard, old glassesHere are the old glasses. They are darker colored and not as round, but really not a big change. I am not sure why people had such a big reaction.

Maybe it was the haircut. I usually only get my hair cut about every three months, so people usually notice it.

Me with beardHere are my glasses from two years ago. There is a much bigger change from these as they are much more rectangular. I now need to have glasses that have more height as they help with reading.

Me, Silver Pavilion, Kyoto, Japan, Ginkaku-jiMy glasses are closer to what they were five years ago. These have lighter colored frames and are less rectangular.

I guess people will eventually get used to my new glasses.



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