The Firefighter III – In the Rain

Mainly pictures tonight as I have been busy watching a basketball game.

As you can tell by the title this is the third post in a series. When I am in downtown Tracy I will often take pictures of the firefighter sculpture.

See The Firefighter and The Firefighter II for information about this sculpture.

The Firefighter, Tracy, California, SculptureThe Firefighter sculpture is in a little park by the headquarters of the fire department. This is the first time I have taken pictures of the sculpture after it has rained. This changes the look a little bit as the sculpture is wet and reflects light differently.

The Firefighter, Tracy, California, SculptureI do like seeing the sculpture at this time of year because of the nice colorful trees behind it.

The rain makes me think of fire fighters who are battling a forest fire and are helped by a welcome rain storm.

The Firefighter, Tracy, California, SculptureThe rain on the sculpture makes for interesting coloring and different areas are highlighted because of the way water flows and collects.

The Firefighter, Tracy, California, SculptureIf you look closely you can see Old Blue parked across the street. I was getting my hair cut at a shop downtown. Something that just has to be done about every three months.

The Firefighter looks tired in this picture, but he seems ready to spring back into action if fire breaks out again.

I am tired as well and must get some sleep.




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