Some Amish Posts

Today has been a long day. I did not work today as I had an appointment with my eye doctor. Part of what made it long was a few walks. I ended up walking more than twelve miles today.

In any case, no topic has come to mind for a blog post so I will share some of the Amish posts that I have written in the past.

Thomas Oklahoma - Amish in Oklahoma - John A. Miller - Amish Settlements that failedI will start with a series of posts that I have written about where Amish have lived where they no longer have settlements. Some of the places may surprise you.

Amish in California?

Amish in Oregon?

Amish in Oklahoma

Amish in New Orleans?

Amish Settlements 2013, Amish States, Where Amish LivePeople often wonder where Amish live today so I wrote two posts that answer this question. The map above is from 2013 so is not quite current. However, there is an update in the post on the Canadian Provinces.

Amish States

Amish Provinces

John Miller, Amish MinisterThe picture above is my 2nd Great Grandfather John A. Miller who was an Amish minister and also was 1/4 Delaware Indian. This makes me think of several posts that are related to  Amish relations with Native Americans.

Indian Captives

Katey Sagal – Amish Ancestry

The Light in the Forest

Steffisburg Bern Switzerland Home of Yoder and Kauffman Amish ancestors

Steffisburg – Google Maps

People also wonder where the Amish came from and where they first settled in America. Here are a few posts that look at Amish history.

Amish Origins

First Amish Settlements

Northkill Creek to Sugarcreek

These are not all the Amish posts that I have written, but it is a good sampling. You can find more by following links within the posts or typing ‘Amish’ in the search box.

Now for some rest after all that walking today.



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