Omega Alpha Again

I am finished and am beginning again.

Word Audio Bible, ESV, YouVersion, Revelation 22My quest to listen to the entire Bible while walking has been completed. Of course that just means it is time to begin again. I actually started the quest last year and restarted it last month, so I need to listen to the first part again to make it all in the same year. See: Walking and Listening

Revelation 22, Listen to Bible While WalkingI listened to these last verses while getting close to home this evening. I started my walk at Revelation chapter 1. I had planned on walking 3-4 miles, but when in the middle of my walk I realized that I would probably end up with only about 4-5 chapters left it was time to take a few extra turns around the park so I could finish.

In the beginning, listening to the world, youversion

When the last words of Revelation drew to a close I then selected Genesis 1 and started again. I finished the first chapter just as I was getting home.

This is the perfect example of how I am walking more as I try to accomplish several goals. The extra miles tonight along with others are adding up and helping get me back in shape quicker.

20 miles in 2 days, walking progressHere you can see that between yesterday and today I have 19.9 miles. However, the counter has since rolled over to 7.4 so I have 20 miles. I don’t think I will keep this average up. This was a special case with the day off of work yesterday.

Of course I am making great progress on my Virtual Hike as well.

Now to see how long it takes me to get to where I picked up my quest last month.



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