Northkill Creek to Sugarcreek

This post is a follow-up to my post last night about Old Yoder Gravestones.

While looking for where the cemetery was near Sugarcreek I also thought about what route the family took from Northkill, Pennsylvania to Sugarcreek, Ohio.

I really need to do more research, but will share some of what I found out.

Sugarcreek Ohio, Amish, Yoder Family, Hochstedler, StutzmanHere is a map of Sugarcreek, Ohio from Google maps. All the images in this post come from Google maps.

On Facebook one of my Hochstetler cousins posted the following comment in response to my post:

The Magdalena (Stutzman) and John Yoder graves on their home farm are listed in the 1975 Cemetery Directory by Leroy Beachy, in Cemetery M-3, on the then (in 1975) Noah Coblentz farm. Beachy describes the location as “1 mile north of Shanesville square, Sugarcreek.”

Yoder Cemetery, Sugarcreek Ohio, Genealogy, Family HistoryIn this map you can see a green square at the top center. This is the location of the cemetery.

Yoder Cemetery, Sugarcreek Ohio, Genealogy, Family HistoryHere is a view from Google earth that shows that this is definitely out in the country. You can see the nearby farm with all the out buildings. Can you make out the little square where the cemetery is?

Yoder Cemetery, Sugarcreek Ohio, Genealogy, Family HistoryHow about a closer view. Here you can see the two big trees in the cemetery and the rows of gravestones. Look at my post from yesterday for pictures taken 25 years ago of the cemetery. Old Yoder Gravestones

Northkill, Pennsylvania, Somerset County, Sugarcreek, Amish, Hochstetler Here is an approximate route of how the family may have moved from Northkill Creek to Sugarcreek.

Sometime around 1780 the John Yoder family moved from Northkill Creek to Somerset County, Pennsylvania which is circled on the map above. They would have traveled through the Cumberland Narrows and then followed Braddock’s Road to their new home.

Two sons, Daniel and Stephen, of John and Magdalena moved to the Sugarcreek area in the early 1810’s. They would have traveled up to Pittsburgh and then across to Sugarcreek.

Allegheny Passage, Migration, Amish Migration, Yoder, Stutzman, sugarcreekI used the bicycle routing when using Google maps to show the possible route that the Yoder’s would have taken. Many of the old trails are now bicycle trails. One of these trails is the Great Allegheny Passage, which runs from Pittsburgh to the Cumberland Narrows. The total journey would have been almost 500 miles.

I also liked the feature that showed the elevation change of the route. You can definitely see where they would have passed over the Allegheny mountains.

Later this year my brother will be biking on the Great Allegheny Passage. He will follow the trail from Pittsburgh to Cumberland and then take the C & O Canal Towpath on to Washington D.C. I am looking forward to seeing his pictures as he will be following the same path as our ancestors would have followed during part of their journey.

Now to finish packing for my flight to Singapore tomorrow.


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4 Responses to Northkill Creek to Sugarcreek

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  2. Even though grew up in Iowa, I now live in Millersburg, OH near Sugarcreek!

  3. Larry Reed says:

    Thank you for this and all that you share with us. It is so interesting to many and give us so much information about our family. My aunt, Ruth Putt Reed had many hand written pages about our family and gave them to me. I took all that she had, did research available at the time and put it all in the computer. Printed it and made copies for any family member that might be interested. Well only one cousin was and she has taken it further and we share. By the way my name is Larry A. Reed son of Lester F. Reed son of Fred E. Reed. Grandpa is son of Lucinda Hershberger Reed and where we go back to Jacob Hochstetler through Barbara. Aunt Ruth’s daughter, cousin Maryellen is the last listed in the two books I have. Anyway thanks again for the information and have a great trip. We will be at that gathering in Berlin next year, hope to meet you if you are there. God bless and keep you safe, Larry

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