Little Gazebo in the Park

In the last few days I have taken a few daytime walks. With the cooler weather it is not too bad to walk when you can see more of what is around you. Of course for me this means that I want to take my camera and take pictures.

Gazebo in Park, Tracy, California Zanussi ParkI took this picture on Sunday afternoon. You can see the lengthening shadows and the setting sun reflected off of the gazebo in the park near my house.

All the pictures in this post will be of the gazebo. It is just what I am thinking about tonight 🙂

Gazebo, zanussi park, california parkTonight I took a walk just after arriving home. The sun was already low in the sky and the park was filled with shadows. However, I still was able to get a few nice pictures.

I really like this look down the long sidewalk to the gazebo. In the distance you can see that the sky is slowly starting to change color.

Gazebo is an interesting word to type. It is a bit of a finger twister. I imagine that some of you are going to try and type gazebo now.

Gazebo, park, california, tracy, sidewalkHere is a closer shot from the same location. I zoomed in a little bit to give you a closer look. The gazebo is not very big, but it gets a lot of use. On Saturdays there are often photo shoots here for weddings or other celebrations.

Gazebo, park, zanussi, park at duskHere is another view. Of course the gazebo doesn’t change much since it is mostly symmetrical except for the entrance. However, the background changes and it looks a bit different.

Here I am not lined up with the posts and you can definitely see that it is an octagon.

gazebo, zanussi park, tracy, california, parksI was stopping to take pictures as I walked around the sidewalk which circles the park. This was the last shot as a group of people started walking up to the gazebo. I only wanted to take pictures without people, although I did catch a walker in this one. Can you see her?

I was looking forward to the next picture as it is one of my favorite views of the gazebo. If you want to see a picture I took from the spot you can visit my post Morning Exercise.

Of course, I had to get a really good walk in later this evening. I covered about 3 miles in a little less than 40 minutes.

Do you have a favorite gazebo?



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