Wandering Thoughts about my Mother

Happy Mother’s Day!

Of course I am specifically saying this to my Mother.  Click on the link above to see why this is true.

Mother's Day - Mother and Baby - Mother's Day on the Farm - Wellman, IowaI have used this picture several times before, and it is currently my profile picture on Facebook. This is me as a little baby with my Mother.

Girl on Trike, Sister's Trike, Tricycle, Little red trikeMy Mother celebrated Mother’s Day not too long before my birth as I was born a few weeks after Mother’s Day. Here is a picture of my older sister a little later in the year.2nd birthday cake, ottumwa, Iowa, Lincoln street

Of course thinking of my Mother makes me think about cakes, especially birthday cakes. Here I am with my 2nd birthday cake.

Birthday Cake, 7th birthday, indian teepee cake, birthday party, ottumwa lagoon parkIn later years the cakes became more complex as my Mother went to cake decorating classes and started making cakes for others. She made all kinds of cakes from simple birthday cakes …..

Wedding Cake, cake decorating, weddingsto large and complex wedding cakes.

I have many memories of watching cakes slowly come together and the wonderful smells of cakes baking.

It was nice to come home from school and walk into a wonderful smelling house.

Oh, so many memories. Especially as I start to think of the many people that she made cakes for.

Later, after I graduated from High School and went off to college my Mother also went back to college to get a teaching degree. See my post Happy Mother’s Day for more of how this has influenced my teaching.

Then it was time to hear all about how things were going in the classroom.

Now since my Mother is retired I get to hear about her volunteer work at the local history center.

OK, I am really wandering here, but so many memories are flooding back it is hard to stay focused.

In short, Mother’s Day is a wonderful day to remember your Mother and all that she has done for you in your life.

I am very thankful for the way my Mother has helped shape my life.




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