Work on Old Blue

This week Old Blue spent some time in the shop getting some work done.

Pontiac G6 GXP, Blue Car, Auto WorkThe initial plan was for just a couple hours of work to get an oil change and replace a tire pressure sensor.

Trax in Garage, Chevy, Trax, Small SUVHowever, I was soon headed home in a courtesy vehicle as Old Blue needed more work done than I thought. Old Blue needed some new brakes, a headlight was out and a couple other items. I decided to go ahead with a major service that I would have to get done in the next six months anyway.

Test Drive, Chevy Trax, Courtesy Vehicle, Silver TraxI was able to test out the Chevy Trax in commute traffic the next day. It was nice to sit a bit higher in traffic as I could see things a bit easier. However, this is definitely not my next vehicle. I need a few creature comforts that this model doesn’t have. I also want to have a bit of power and responsiveness just in case of emergencies.

It was nice to test out some features I don’t have on Old Blue. The WiFi connection of my phone to the monitor in the car and also the hands-free phone system with blue tooth were nice. Also, I had only once before used a back-up camera on a rental car.

I did like the size of the Trax and the fact that it was easy to get in and out.

Phone Holder, Hands Free, NavigationI also did some work of my own on Old Blue recently. I made a phone holder out of a Pringles can. The cell phone laws in California have  tightened up a bit so I needed something to hold my phone where I could see my navigation app while driving.

Cell Phone Holder, Pringles Can, Cardboard HolderHere you only see about half of the holder. The rest is wedged between the steering column and the dash. It works quite well as the phone is held in place and doesn’t move around. I just get everything set up before I start the car and I am set to go.

It was nice to have Old Blue back for my commute this morning. It is not too fun driving in commute traffic with an unfamiliar car. Old Blue and I go back quite a ways and we know our commute 🙂

Also, I could definitely feel the difference today. Old Blue feels a bit younger.


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