150K for Old Blue

Earlier this week Old Blue passed a milestone. I have been watching the odometer of Old Blue as it has slowly approached another big round number.

approaching 150k, old blue, old car, odometerHere you can see that the milestone is close. In anticipation of this milestone I did get some major service done on my car recently. See: Work on Old Blue

149998, approaching 150k, odometer, Old carIt is getting closer yet and you can definitely see that the milestone is 150,000 miles or 150K.

150k miles, old car, odometer, Old Blue, mileageHere is the 150,000. I missed the 149,999 but I wasn’t stopped at a stop sign when I had that number 🙂

It doesn’t seem like it has been that long since Old Blue hit 100K but it has been a little over 3 years. See: 100K for Old Blue

Pontiac G6 GXP, Blue Car, Auto WorkOld Blue is in pretty good shape with some normal wear and tear on the interior and a few bumps and bruises on the outside. I will have to see how much longer I will drive Old Blue and perhaps start thinking of what my next car will be.

What is the longest you ever drove a car? I am sure that some of you have surpassed 150K with a car.


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