To Germany on the Upper Deck

The chances to get a seat on the upper deck of a United 747 are slowly dwindling away. There have not been too many times that I have flown on the upper deck of a 747, but they have all come due to free upgrades.

United 747, Last Flights, October 2017, 747 Phase OutHere is the aircraft that I flew on today. I was seated at the last windows in the upper row. I will show a view from the windows later in the post.

The 747 is slowly being phased out by United. The only routes currently using 747’s are out of San Francisco and they are slowly being replaced by new aircraft like the 787 and 777-300.

From what I could find out the last 747 flights will be in October of this year.

747 Upper Deck, Lay Flat, Individual ScreensI think that this is actually the first time I have flown on the upper deck with lay flat seats. The earlier flights were all long ago when I was doing a lot of flying in the post 9/11 days and was a 1K for a couple of years.

With the low ceiling and minimal amount of seating, you almost feel like you are on a private plane when on the upper deck. One nice thing also is that it is usually very quiet on the upper deck.

Golden Gate Bridge, UA 747, Upper Deck, Overhead shotsI don’t often sit in a window seat, but if it is in Business Class I don’t mind so much. So, out came the camera to get a few pictures of San Francisco on the way up into the air.

Here you see a picture of the Golden Gate Bridge and the San Francisco Peninsula. Unfortunately the pilot made the turn just a bit too soon to get a full view of the Golden Gate Bridge. If you look closely you can also see the new Bay Bridge in the background.

High Speed Train, ICE, Germany, Train SystemToday is a holiday in Germany which made travel here a little more difficult. The line at the border patrol was very long and it took more than an hour to get my passport checked. However, my bag was waiting at the luggage carousel and I was soon on a train toward Aalen, Germany.

Above is the ICE train at Stuttgart where I switched to a smaller regional train. I really like traveling on the ICE trains. They are fast and comfortable. Every politician who is against high speed rail in America should go travel on them in Asia and Europe to see how beneficial they are.

Ibis Aalen, Germany, HotelI took this picture later, but it was nice to finally reach my hotel here in Aalen, Germany. Tomorrow morning a colleague will pick me up and take me to our office in Oberkochen.

Hopefully I will sleep well and be well rested by my 7:30 pickup.


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