Some Weekend Hits

I can usually tell it is the weekend just by looking at my blog stats. Certain posts are visited on Saturday nights and through Sunday afternoon.

They are usually posts that are about sites in Israel. On Saturday night it is most likely that Bible school teachers are looking for facts or images and on Sunday the students are fact checking or looking for more information themselves.

So what are some of the posts that are visited on the weekends?

Make sure you click on the links in the text. They will take you to the posts that provide more pictures and information about each one.

Tell es-Sultan - Walls of Jericho - Joshua - Walls Come Tumbling Down - Rahab - HarlotMy post Walls of Jericho has more visits on the weekends, but also has quite a few visits during the week.

Jericho Trench, Kathleen Kenyon, Tell es-Sultan, Walls of JerichoThe Trenches of Jericho is also a common weekend find.

Zaccheus - Sycamore Tree - Jericho - Sycamore Fig - Ficus sycomorusI did not mean for this to be a Jericho post, but A Sycamore in Jericho is another post with more traffic on the weekend.

Knee of a dromedary camelThis one surprises me a bit, but Camel Knees gets a lot of weekend looks. I guess that teachers are trying to find out where exactly the knee is on the camel.

Do you know where the knee is? Click on the post to find out. If you don’t know it may surprise you.

Hezekiah's Tunnel, Water Tunnel, Jerusalem, City of DavidHezekiah’s Tunnel also gets visits on the weekend. Click on the link to see more pictures.

Jezreel, Naboth, Vineyard, Ahab, Jezreel ValleyNaboth’s Vineyard gets views on the weekend also. Some of them are probably from people looking for information about where Naboth’s Vineyard was, but most likely they are more for general information about Jezreel and the Jezreel Valley.

Well I must get this posted and get ready to fly. Check back to see where I end up this week ๐Ÿ™‚


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  1. Safe travels โœˆ๏ธ ๐Ÿ˜‰

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