Waiting for the Train

This evening I had a long wait for the train. I was dropped off at the station just a bit after a train left, so had plenty of time to wait for the next one.Oberkochen Train Station, Waiting for Train

So, how did I entertain myself? I took a few pictures of the area around the train station. Here you can see that I am in Oberkochen, Germany.

Train Station, Ticket Machine, OberkochenI first had to buy a ticket at the Fahrkarten machine. It was a little fun as I couldn’t get the destination to accept. I finally figured out what I was not doing and then I soon had my ticket.

Train Schedule, Oberkochen, Germany, DB, train stationI then checked to see when the next train departed. Luckily I know how to read a German train schedule.

Nature, Hills of Germany, OberkochenStill time to take some pictures. Here is a picture of the hill above the train station. There is some beautiful spring color in the hills.

Tree Silhouette, Tall  Tree, waiting for the trainThere is a beautiful big tree near the tracks at the station and it is nicely silhouetted against the sky. I just had to take this picture.

Finally the train came and after a short ride I was at the station near my hotel. Then some dinner, more work and finally time to get some sleep.

Tomorrow? Another long day.


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One Response to Waiting for the Train

  1. Melody Murchison says:

    You take awesome pictures!

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