Kansas Geology

Mainly pictures tonight as my mind is wandering all over the place. It has been a tough week as I remember a classmate who passed over the weekend. The service will be tomorrow just as the course I am teaching starts for the day.

It will be a bit hard to concentrate as my mind will be far away in Kansas.

Red Hills - Clark County, Kansas - Ashland, Kansas - Red Dirt CountryI grew up in Red Dirt Country in Kansas. Just west of town were some beautiful red hills. I have so many memories of driving through this area.

Unfortunately a couple months ago this area was burnt along with a large percentage of Clark County. My friend who passed away lived in Englewood, Kansas which was one of the places that was most affected by the fires. See: Burning Kansas

Many residents of Englewood, including my friend and his parents, lost their homes in the fire.

Red Hills, Ashland Kansas, Clark County Kansas, Red Dirt CountryThe Red Hills are also very beautiful in the snow. See: Red Hills in Snow

Fossil Hunting, Clark County, Kansas, Cretaceous (Kiowa shales)Here is another rock formation in Clark County, Kansas. In this area they found many different fossils. We were on a hunt of our own, but did not find anything noteworthy.

Castle Rock - March 2000 - Gove County Kansas - Scenic KansasI am also thinking about Castle Rock which is near Quinter, Kansas. I was looking through some of my old pictures looking for inspiration tonight and seeing pictures of Castle Rock brought a post into focus.

You can read more about the history and geology of Castle Rock by clicking on the link in this sentence.

I will share two more pictures that were not in the previous post.

Castle Rock, Gove County, Quinter, Kansas, Rock formationHere is a view of Castle Rock from a little further away. Unfortunately the tallest section of the formation was toppled during a storm a year after I took this picture.

Gove County Kansas, Badlands, rock formations, Scenic Kansas, Flat KansasHere is a picture of the Badlands that are right next to Castle Rock. The rock formations were really amazing. The geography of Kansas is so diverse. You only need to get a few miles off the highways to see that Kansas is not so flat as people think.

I hope you enjoyed this little glimpse of Kansas Geology.




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