Red Hills in Snow

Tonight I will share a few pictures that I ran across last week while looking for something else.

They also brought back a lot of memories as we passed through these hills many times while growing up.

Red Hills, Ashland Kansas, Clark County Kansas, Red Dirt CountryWe simply called these the Red Hills, but it also known as the Keiger Creek area. The red bluffs were very distinctive and we always knew that we were close to home when we had this view.

These hills are about eight miles west of Ashland, Kansas where I graduated from High School.

Keiger Creek, Clark County Kansas, Ashland KansasThe hills or bluffs are really pretty in the snow. I really like the layering of the snow and rock.

These pictures also bring back memories of rappelling off the Keiger Creek bridge with my Boy Scout troop. I don’t remember how high the bridge deck is above the creek bed, but it was definitely several stories high and a bit scary.

Red Hills - Clark County, Kansas - Ashland, Kansas - Red Dirt CountryHere is another picture of the Keiger Creek bluffs that I used in my Red Dirt Country post.

I just checked the forecast for the area and it looks like they will get snow at the end of the week. I am sure the hills will be as pretty as the pictures above.


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