Daily Archives: April 13, 2017

Stop and Smell the Roses

Sometimes you need to just stop and smell the roses.

Especially if they are very fragrant.

Stop and smell the roses, yellow rose, fragrant rosesI have a yellow rose bush that has very fragrant roses. If the temperature is just right and the wind is blowing in the right direction I can smell them when I walk out my front door.

Tonight I decided to stop and smell one of them and just decided to take a picture of myself to see how it turned out.

Yellow rose, sunlit roses, fragrant roses, spring rosesThe rose itself is also beautiful, especially with how it was lit up by the sun. A nice combination of sun and shade.

Red Rose, Raindrops on rosesEach morning and afternoon I am usually taking pictures of my roses. Especially this time of year where there are rapid changes each day.

We had a bit of rain overnight and here you can see raindrops on one of my Mr. Lincoln blooms.

Mr. Lincoln Rose Bush, Rose Bush, Roses, Red Roses, spring rosesHere you can see that the rose has really opened during the day.

The Mr. Lincoln roses are very fragrant, so what did I just have to do?

Stop and smell the roses, Mr. Lincoln Rose, Fragrant Roses, Red RosesI had to stop and smell the rose. I really like the smell of the Mr. Lincoln rose. I am glad that I at least have a couple of very fragrant roses in my garden.

Have you stopped and smelled the roses this spring?