Daily Archives: April 12, 2017

Grilled Cheese Sandwich Day

Did you know that today was National Grilled Cheese Sandwich Day?

I should have taken a picture of my lunch today, as I had a grilled cheese sandwich.

I am looking back through my blog pictures to see if I shared a picture of grilled cheese before.

Grilled Cheese - Home Pride Bread - Iron Skillet - Comfort FoodThe only one that I could find was one that was in the process of cooking.

The picture was used in a post that I wrote about the return of Home Pride Bread to the shelves of my grocery store.

Home Pride Wheat - Butter Top Bread - Flowers Foods - Home Pride is Back - Wheat Bread - Chicago - Milwaukee - Aunt Millie's BakeriesIn my opinion, Home Pride Bread is the best bread to make grilled cheese with. Of course, part of that is family tradition and to some grilled cheese is all about memories and comfort food.

I am actually lucky that our cafeteria at work uses Home Pride Wheat bread so my sandwich at work was some good comfort food.

Of course in the cafeteria it was cooked on a flat top. At home I use a cast iron skillet as I do for a lot of things that I cook.

I could probably search through my pictures and find some more pictures of grilled cheese sandwiches, but I am a bit tired and will leave you with this short post tonight.

Did you eat a Grilled Cheese Sandwich today?