Daily Archives: April 7, 2017

Spring in the Orchards

Spring time in orchard country can be very beautiful. One of the things that I find very interesting is the progression of blooms and foliage on the trees. Every year I learn a little more about which trees bloom first and how long it takes before you see fruit appearing on the trees.

Walnut Trees, orchards, spring foliage, blooms, nutsMy friends have a walnut orchard and they seem to be the last to even have leaves on the trees. I took this picture last week and you can see the tree coming alive.

This is the time of year it is easy to tell which orchards are growing walnuts. The trees are bare compared to other orchards that have already blossomed out.

Cherry orchard, orchards, cherry tree, spring fruitThere is a cherry orchard close by to the walnut orchard and here you can see that the cherries are already starting to grow. Later these will be a beautiful red as they slowly ripen.

almonds, almond tree, almonds growingHere are some almonds, it was not long ago that this tree was white with blossoms.

Iris, purple iris, flowers, spring flowersOops, a flower picture is slipping in. However, I did take this picture while wandering around taking pictures of fruit and nut trees.

The iris is one of my favorite flowers. We had a large iris garden when we lived in Kansas and whenever I see an iris I have some good memories of it. Also, this color iris reminds me of my sister and some of her artwork that included them.

Rose Blossom, bee, pollination, orchardsNow back to the trees. Here is an orange blossom being pollinated by a honey bee. The honey bee is an essential working in the orchards as it works to pollinate the different blossoms.

Most of the orchards in the area require honey bees for pollination, but not the walnut orchards.

I am looking forward to enjoying some nice local fruit and nuts later this year.