Red Dirt Country

What do you think of when you hear the words Red Dirt Country? I think of a couple things. First, I think of the Red Hills of Clark County, Kansas near where I went to High School.

Red Hills - Clark County, Kansas - Ashland, Kansas - Red Dirt Country

Seeing this picture that I took almost 13 years ago with my first digital camera brings back a few memories. Including rappelling of the bridge that is in the middle of the picture. I also remember many times driving down this road on the way back from shopping trips to Dodge City, school events or other trips out of town.

Red Hills - Clark County, Kansas - Ashland, Kansas - Gypsum Hills  - Red Dirt Country

I also remember trips to Red Carpet Bible Camp just south of us in Oklahoma. We always came back from camp with red shoes because of the Oklahoma red dirt.

Also, my mind wanders towards the Oklahoma Panhandle and my cousin Buck who was an old-time cowboy.

Cowboy - Oklahoma Panhandle - Western Music - Old-time Cowboy - Kenton, Oklahoma I also think about the contributions that my family made to early Western Music and the beginnings of the Stillwater music scene.

Stillwater, Oklahoma - Red Dirt County - No Justice - Stillwater Sound - Red Dirt Music

Stillwater, Oklahoma – Google Maps

Stillwater, Oklahoma is well known in the Country Western music world for the distinctive sound of Red Dirt Music or Red Dirt Country. The origins of Red Dirt music can be traced back to Stillwater and  Bob Childers, the Godfather of Red Dirt music, in the late 1970’s. However, the Stillwater music scene goes back much further to the 1920’s and the early days of Western music. I will not go into the details now, but look for a post about it in the future. I am still doing research 🙂 One of my cousins from Stillwater played a big role in spreading Western music across the country.

So, now for what actually prompted my wandering thoughts about Red Dirt Country.

No Justice - Red Dirt Country - Stillwater, Oklahoma - Western Music

One of my friends from Grade School in Ottumwa, Iowa is a big No Justice fan. I will not go into the details, but No Justice has helped her through a few problems. They have not only helped through their music, but have also taken a personal interest in her and she has been on stage with them and ridden on their tour bus. Several of our former classmates have helped make this possible and I decided that I also wanted to do a little something for her.

No Justice is one of the most popular Red Dirt bands today and they are rapidly becoming even more popular. My friend has been promoting No Justice to all of her friends and has been trying to help them get more likes on their Facebook page. So, help me help my friend and stop by the  No Justice Facebook page and press the like button :-).

Also, keep your eyes open for my posts about the original Stillwater sound.


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15 Responses to Red Dirt Country

  1. Gee, I don’t know a whole lot about Kansas but sure is wide open spaces and of course there was Dorothy and Toto 😉 It was super windy here today, thought I might end up in Oz.

  2. Amanda Martz says:

    Steven thank-you so much for writing this blog for me. I really appreciate it so much.

  3. Rosanne says:

    Steven, are you any relation to Erika Braman that used to live in Ottumwa?

  4. I have so little experience of this terrain, Steven. It was lovely to hear your recollections about it!

  5. Glenda McDougal says:

    I clicked like 🙂

  6. Sheryl says:

    When I think of red dirt country I think of Oklahoma. I hadn’t realized that their was similar soil in parts of Kansas until I read this post.

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