Doing a Puzzle

Yesterday I made a stop at the book store and a puzzle caught my eye. I looked at the price and told myself no, but when I ran across it a second time in a different part of the store it just had to be bought.

Puzzle, Puzzle Pieces, Doing a PuzzleWhen I got home I opened the box and pulled out the bag of pieces.

Puzzle pieces, edge pieces, puzzles, doing a puzzleOf course, the first step was to dump the pieces back in the box and start looking for the edge pieces. I have always started with the edge pieces when doing puzzles.

I have always loved doing puzzles and some good memories wandered through my mind as I started the puzzle.

I remember my aunts doing puzzles as well. All the way up to puzzles that were as large as our dining room table.

Puzzle edge pieces, First pieces, puzzle piecesHere are some of the first edge pieces that I found. You can see that I found one of the corner pieces. Of course, the first pieces are easy to find, but soon it was taking much longer to find the edge pieces.

Puzzles, Outline of puzzle, edge pieces, doing puzzleThe picture here is not good as I was doing the puzzle in a corner of the room and the light was behind me. However, you can see that I found all the edge pieces and put them together.

The last pieces took quite some time to find and I may rethink my strategy for the next puzzle I do. Maybe just get started and forget about the edges. It would be a bit faster 🙂

Periodic Table Puzzle, 1,000 piece puzzle, ElementsHere is the completed puzzle. You can now see that it is The Periodic Table of the Elements.

Except for the outline, which I finished last night, I did the rest of the puzzle earlier today. This is why I don’t do puzzles very often. I get obsessed with them and just have to finish them. I can’t just stop by and find just a few pieces.

Instead of doing important things like Taxes, I frittered away my time doing the puzzle 🙂 OK, well maybe not that much time, but it probably took me about three to four hours to do the puzzle. Plus, it was raining for a good part of the time, so couldn’t do yard work.

Now to study the puzzle and relearn all the symbols for the elements. Kids today have it much harder as they have more to learn 🙂

When was the last time you did a puzzle?


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4 Responses to Doing a Puzzle

  1. Pat says:

    This looks like a fun puzzle to do in sections because you can easily divide the pieces according to color.

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